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Generate Unique Coupon Codes for Validation

Mobile Couponing is more important now than ever and can encourage spending all while saving money for consumers.

Mobile coupons are becoming a very popular and effective tool for retailers and provide unparalleled convenience for their customers.

Integrating mobile coupons with a mobile marketing campaign can provide great incentives and generally yield much higher response rates.

Mobile coupons can take the form of a unique code in an SMS message or a unique link to a digital coupon, or a barcode label.

What is a Unique code generator?

This tool helps you generate unique codes. These codes are used for coupon validation.

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Benefits of Unique / Randomized Coupon Codes

The 2 Types of Coupon Codes Structures

Although there are many variations on the concept, coupon codes fall into one of two structures:

Unique or Randomized: A code made up of random letters and/or numbers

Static: A code that utilizes a word or phrase

The biggest advantage of random/unique coupon codes is their security. The odds of would-be coupon abusers guessing a random code is extraordinarily low. For instance, a 10-digit numerical code has 10 billion possible permutations, making a sheer guess unlikely.

In general, random codes are unique to individuals. That is, a set number of unique codes are created, then sent to customers for use.

These codes are typically single-use, so they cannot be shared after the fact. While they’re very secure, random codes do have downsides.

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