Unified Local Marketing Center

Retention & Engagement Online Center

The Retention & Engagement Online Center is everything a local business needs to succeed with local digital and online marketing.

It includes a set of digital marketing, social marketing toolkit, and digital communication tools.

Jumpstart your sales process by going to market with this set of curated, and integrated products. 

Reach your local customers everywhere

Instantly deliver relevant business and marketing content to consumers across search engines, social media, SMS, email, mobile and web, and social media digital profiles.

A single SaaS solution to create, launch and manage local digital marketing campaigns.
Everything you need to manage and optimize digital brand content for local marketing reach.

Unified marketing is about bringing all of your revenue generation activities into one system. Our platform tracks all of your sales, social and online activity, automate your marketing tasks, and helps you generate inbound leads through the content that is approved and vetted by Brand.