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How do customers Opt-in to my mobile campaign?

When you sign up for a ClearLine Mobile account, you are automatically given one mobile campaign of your choice. Additional keywords can be purchased and you can have an unlimited number of unique mobile campaigns. All your customer has to do is text your Opt-in Keyword to the shortcode and they can Opt-in to your mobile campaign. For example, if your keyword is WIN, your customer texts the word WIN to the assigned shortcode, local 10 digit or toll-free number. Your customer can just as easily opt-out of your mobile campaign by sending the word STOP as a reply to any message received.

Does ClearLine Mobile supports double opt-in required for the POS & CRM contacts?s?

Any mobile campaign that is ongoing requires a Double Opt-in procedure. This procedure starts with the user sending a text message with your Keyword to the assigned number. The user will then receive a message asking that they confirm their request to join your mobile campaign. By replying with YES, Y, OK, or SURE, the user confirms their opt-in request and is “Double Opted-in” to your mobile campaign. The user then receives a confirmation message stating the terms of the mobile campaign along with your contact information. Now, you are ready to start sending your user timely mobile alerts.

Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, we have a 7 days free trial period. You can start without submitting your credit card. Once you are ready to convert to the paid subscription plan, you can select a monthly plan that fits your need best in the control panel.

Do I need to sign a long term contract or I can cancel at any time?

No long term contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you ever decide that ClearLine Mobile isn’t the best marketing solution for your business, you can simply cancel the account payments within the control panel.

Do I still need to find a Mobile Marketer or Aggregator?

The answer is NO! ClearLine Mobile provides you with all the tools needed to create unique mobile campaigns in minutes. Aggregators specialize in direct connections to the US carriers and have very limited messaging platforms. Mobile Marketers charge a hefty premium for preparing mobile campaigns that can be created in 5 minutes with ClearLine Mobile campaign composer. Bypass the mobile marketer and the aggregator and take advantage of messaging software that is easy to use and very advanced.

How do I get my contacts into the ClearLine Mobile software?

ClearLine Mobile has designed a simple online process for uploading existing contacts. Use our sample CSV file to properly format your existing contacts. Our uploader will sort out invalid records and duplicates while updating records that have already been added. You can also add contacts via API integration of FTP upload.

What if I have existing mobile phone numbers with no carrier info?

We can lookup your existing mobile contacts and retrieve the carrier information for these contacts. All you have to do is upload your contacts database via .CSV File and let ClearLine Mobile do the rest.

How do I access my ClearLine Mobile account and what software/hardware do I need?

ClearLine Mobile is a web-based application. When you setup an account, all you need to access the ClearLine Mobile service is a computer that is connected to the internet and any web browser. There is no special software or hardware to install or purchase.

How long will be data remain on your servers?

We take data security & privacy very seriously.

Active clients

We do not remove any data as long as you are an active client.

You, as a user, can remove data from your account.
Note: If you remove a coupon including history from your account the data is permanently removed.

If you have a lot of data and you want to have it removed you can contact us at hello@reward.me and our team can help with this task.

Temporary freezed/stopped

We do not remove any data as long as you are temporarily stopped.
If you decide to come back you will still have your previous coupons, vouchers, and loyalty cards including all the data.
If you not come back within 1 year your account is canceled.


Exactly 1 year after your account’s expiration date we will remove all your data from our servers.
This action cannot be undone. Data is permanently removed.
If you want to have your data removed faster, just contact us at hello@reward.me and we can remove it within 1-2 workdays.

Do I need to pay for future updates and newly added features?

Nope. You pay only for your monthly plan subscription, if you see any features not available for your plan, simply upgrade to the next tier. And, we got your back. Awesome, right?

Who is owner of the captured data in my account, coupons and/or loyalty cards?

We may process the personal data we collect for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy, and thereby act as a data processor for those limited purposes.
We act only as a, in GDPR terms, data processor, as regards the processing of your information for the purpose of providing the services subscribed by your company. Our campaigns are in full compliance with FCC, CAN-SPAM Act, and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Your company is the data owner and controller.

Data processors process personal data on behalf of the controller.

We never sell your personal information to third parties.
We store all personal information on redundant servers.
We make sure your data is stored with the highest security standards.

What types of mobile campaigns can I create with your service?

ClearLine Mobile supports all types of mobile campaigns, including alerts, special offers, digital coupons, promotions/text to wins, surveys, trivia, and much more. Most of our messages are text-based (SMS) messages no longer than 160-characters but our system also support MMS (multimedia messaging) with character limits up to 500. Each message can have up to 6 Interactive Replies that can be created to increase interaction and personalization for your mobile campaign.

How can I promote my mobile campaign to my customers?

The best way to build your Opt-in database is to promote your mobile campaign through your existing promotional channels such as print, radio, television, internet, in-venue, packaged goods, and more. Utilizing your existing marketing efforts is the best way to encourage customers to join your mobile campaign. Your campaign message to consumers should be simple and can be added to the promotional material you are currently using: “Join Hollywood VIP Mobile Club to find out about hot upcoming events. Send the Word ‘VIP’ to 12345 Now! *This is a free service, however standard text messaging charges by your wireless carrier may apply. Additionally, you can create incentives such as free gifts, discounts, and special invites to encourage your customers to join your mobile campaign

What cellular carriers do you support?

ClearLine Mobile shortcode channel  currently has connections with ALL US Tier 1 carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular). Our service is also compatible with most US Tier 2 carriers as well. With our 10 digit local number and toll-free SMS we can deliver your message to any mobile subscriber anywhere in the world. Please let us know if you interested in text messaging outside of USA and Canada and we will be happy to provide more details on our Global SMS coverage.

When can I start using my mobile campaign?

The answer is NOW! ClearLine Mobile has gone through the painstaking task of provisioning every type of mobile campaign so you don’t have to. Simply log-in and create any type of multiple campaigns such as text-to-win, text-to-vote, interactive alert, trivia, ringtone/wallpaper, and more. Agree to Terms & Conditions and your campaign is activated right before your eyes.

How long does it take before subscribers receive messages I send out?

Messages are sent instantly within 1-2 minutes of you sending a message.

How many messages I can send with your service?

There is no limit to how many messages you can send using our service, except for your account monthly messages allowed amount. However, best practices indicate that you should not be sending more than one message per day to your subscriber base. More frequent message sending can result in a very high opt-out rate from your list.

What are Interactive Replies?

The key to a successful mobile campaign is to engage your users in interactive and personalized messaging content. Our patent-pending software allows mobile campaigns to have up to 6 Interactive Replies that stimulate user interactivity and personalization. Create up to 6 personalized messages that users can interact back and forth with.

What is a shortcode?

All mobile campaigns operate on a common short code that is approved by mobile carriers. Short codes can be unique or random 4-6 digit numbers and can be acquired through US Common Short Codes Associaton for $500-$1000/month.

Do I need to obtain a common shortcode to start mobile messaging?

The answer is NO. ClearLine Mobile provides a shared shortcode environment, in which each customer uses unique keywords on the same short code “70624”. You still have the powerful two-way messaging capabilities using our Interactive Replies feature without the added cost of paying for a shortcode.

Aren't there strict rules and guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns?

YES, both the FCC and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have developed laws (TCPA) and best practice guidelines for mobile messaging campaigns. However, with ClearLine Mobile you don’t have to worry. All our mobile campaigns are pre-programmed to adhere to ALL Mobile Marketing Association guidelines for Best Practices. Once you decide on the type of mobile campaign, ClearLine Mobile messaging software will guide you through the proper single or double Opt-in process. Every message sent to an Opt-in user will automatically contain the proper message footer (Txt STOP 2 Quit. Std rates apply).

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