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Digital Marketing in Physical Retail

Phygital Marketing

To complement the physical experience at the venue, many merchants use digital experiences to spice up things.

Geo-fencing. Beacons, NFCWifi marketing, and Mobile Marketing Kiosks are cost-effectiveuser-friendly, and tempting ways to interact with your visitors.

The visitor remains in charge of whether he participates or not.


Our Tools for Smart Store Marketing – Phygital Marketing

Kiosk software

In-house software to set up a Mobile Marketing Kiosk.

NFC-tags & Beacons

Attach digital campaigns to your store’s NFC stickers, and drive in-store traffic with beacons.


Add gamification to your marketing efforts by implementing Gamified Coupons.

Data Analysis

Monitor and analyze your customer’s activity through our easy-to-use, web-based dashboard.


Send out single-use digital campaigns.

Promotion software

Create, distribute and validate your digital campaigns.


Example solutions Phygital marketing


Provide incentives for shoppers to enter a retail store and send targeted proximity advertisements & promotions in your retail store. Personalize and target your shopper’s in-store needs in unique and delightful ways using a beacon marketing channel.


Location-based marketing in simple terms means communicating with potential customers within a range. Geofence is a virtual boundary that can range from over 300 feet to a mile to anything else. Ideally, for interactions above 200 feet, business owners must consider geofencing.


Add a Coupon URL to your wifi network’s router. If visitors connect, they’re first redirected to the Digital Coupon.


Set up a Mobile Marketing Kiosk at your store and allow visitors to send your digital deals to themselves.


Convenient to redirect people to a specific web page. A Digital Coupon or Voucher for example. Commonly used at physical locations but also in traditional print communication.

Digital Campaign Types


Generate Store visits, trigger conversions, and boost your sales by offering appealing discount Coupons to your audience.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Accept payments through Digital Vouchers. The customer receives proof of the purchased value or unlocks a discount Coupon.

Loyalty  & Rewards Card

Start a digital loyalty program to stimulate people to come back to your business and reward repeat purchases.

Coupon Directory

Collect all your Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards in one digital catalog. Easy to add or delete deals.

How to work with Digital Marketing Campaigns.

1. Create Digital Campaign

Create Digital Loyalty Card

Start from one of the many template Loyalty Cards and completely customize it to your branding.

2. Publish Campaign

Publish Loyalty Cards

Publish your Loyalty Cards within a few clicks through your favorite communication channels.

3. Validate & Redeem

Validate & Issue Point & Stamps

Carefully assign points or stamps to Loyalty Cards with the platform’s built-in validation methods.

4. Analyse Campaign Data

Analyse Campaign Data

Consult your real-time campaign data and customer statistics to adjust your future digital campaigns if needed.

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