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Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks

Marketing automation is a must-have for a modern marketing team. But, even though you may have heard this fact or read about it, many marketers are still questioning the exact definition. What exactly is marketing automation and why do you need it?

What is marketing automation and why should you be interested in it? It’s pretty simple. Marketers who use marketing automation software tend to outperform marketers that don’t.


The Cold Hard Facts

According to the Aberdeen Group, Best-in-Class marketers are 67% more likely to use a marketing automation platform, with 87% of top-performing firms using this technology.

So What Exactly is Marketing Automation & where ClearLine Mobile plugs in?

Let’s start with our definition. Marketing automation is a software platform that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. This allows you to be more efficient, increase revenue, and grow into a more powerful marketing team.

That’s the simple definition. But, what workflows are we talking about? Here are some of the things marketing automation allows you to do more effectively:


  • Email marketing – email coupon to the new contact
  • SMS marketing – text coupon to the new contact
  • Landing page – embed coupon before or after the data capture
  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns – add mobile wallet, beacons, geofencing
  • Lead generation – reward customers or offer a gamified coupon to incentivize
  • Cross-sell and up-sell – offer targeted coupons online, offline and on mobile
  • Retention – reward customers participating in your loyalty programs

Here are some of the examples of marketing automation integration, they enable us to utilize features of ClearLine Mobile platform more effectively.

Add subscribers to MailChimp from new ClearLine Mobile coupon claims

Add subscribers to MailChimp from ClearLine Mobile coupon directory registrations

Send ClearLine Mobile coupons by email for new Google Sheets rows

Add new ClearLine Mobile coupon validation data to Google Sheets rows

Add new ClearLine Mobile, coupon users, as Salesforce leads

Add Salesforce customers to a campaign for new ClearLine Mobile coupon claims

Send new ClearLine Mobile coupon validations in Slack channel messages

Send welcome emails for new ClearLine Mobile coupon directory registrations

Create contacts in Constant Contact from new ClearLine Mobile coupon claims

Send SMS or MMS texts for new ClearLine Mobile directory registrations

Subscribe new ClearLine Mobile, coupon users, as Odoo CRM leads

And hundreds of other options on how we can connect your existing software with ClearLine Mobile marketing platform. We can assist you with mobile strategy and implementation, as well as provide full program management options.

How We Help You

We understand that every company, brand, and marketer is unique. That’s why we provide multiple account management options to help you best utilize the marketing platform.

You can use ClearLine Mobile as a “Do It Yourself” software. You can also have us plan, manage, and execute your mobile communications for you. Or, we can work together as a team to develop and execute your mobile communication efforts. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

I Want To Do It Myself

If you have the resources and experience with mobile communications, we can train you on our intuitive marketing platform. Then, we’ll hand you the keys and play a supportive role as you manage and execute your own campaigns. You’ll have access to telephone and email support, plus a comprehensive set of knowledge base tutorials.

Let’s Do It Together

The best of both worlds! We combine forces in a collaborative approach to manage and execute your mobile marketing campaigns & communications. Our teams work together to define strategic responsibilities and share in the overall management and execution of your mobile strategy.

We Do It For You

Leverage our experience and knowledge. We will do it all. We are responsible for developing a mobile strategy, creating content, setting up your program, executing and overseeing the mobile campaign, optimizing, and analysis.

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Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.

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