Program Management


Program Management


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What Is Marketing Program Management?

Program management is the planning, performing, and finishing certain tasks and goals for the marketing program. It ensures that projects complete on time and approved by the stakeholders/client.

We recognize that not all internal marketing teams have the capability, resources, or even the desire to manage the development and execution of mobile strategies and digital marketing programs. That’s where our consulting services and program management comes in. Our team of dedicated experts will manage your program from initial concepts through delivery and followed by campaign analytics and database management.

Whatever your strategy involves — SMS campaigns, QR codes, Loyalty Program or Digital Coupons, and mobile applications — we will make sure that your marketing program meets your strategic business objectives.

Working with your in-house team, our consultants explore all options and available technology to conceive a mobile strategy that will achieve your goals.

Your mobile presence must combine enjoyable user experience with the best possible representation of your brand. Our team will ensure your mobile presence draws in your target audience and is in full compliance with rules and regulations.


Digital Marketing Program / Project Management

Developing a comprehensive mobile strategy represents just one part of the equation. Integrating your mobile strategy cross-channel is instrumental to the success of your mobile efforts.

For starters, digital marketing program/project management can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of moving parts that need to be accounted for, especially when managing multiple projects, offers, and marketing channels.

Developing and Managing
Digital Marketing Program


  1. Initiate: What is the scope of what you’ll create?
  2. Plan: How will you create your content and with what resources?
  3. Execute: Create your content.
  4. Monitor and control: Identify and remove any roadblocks that are preventing you from executing.
  5. Close: Get approval, publish, and review.

Distribution & Integrations

ClearLine Mobile provides various valuable integrations. Social Media, Email software, SMS software, API’s & Webhooks, Website pop-ups, Embedded coupons directory. You can add mobile or coupons marketing at any step of the customer journey by utilizing our integration and marketing automation capabilities. It’s all possible!

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Channel Marketing Management

Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.

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