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Gamification makes the ad experience more entertaining for the audience – and facilitates the delivery of a marketing message for the businesses. Higher audience involvement in return offers a better capturing of data and behaviors. 

When was the last time you’ve opened a game on your smartphone? Was it yesterday? An hour ago? Ten minutes ago? Games get us hooked up in an instant, which is why the game industry is growing so rapidly. The war between iPhone and Android users never stops – except to accept that they all like to play games on their phones and regularly look for what’s new on the game app market. 

Digital Coupons with gamification is the next step in the use of digital marketing technologies on the people who’re ready to embrace them. Apart from immediate sales, Digital Coupons with gamification will boost brand awareness, contribute to brand reputation, and, if done right, trigger customer-business conversations.

Here’s your chance to add some fun to your mobile coupon strategy. Give your customers new experiences and offer them something to talk about. 


Marketing Through Gaming

Typically, games have been just that – games for the sake of having fun, passing the time and racking up points or prizes. Today, savvy business owners and marketers have turned the tables of electronic games by taking charge of the industry and using it for their own purposes. This new concept, of taking an existing game or website and adding game-like components to build loyalty and increase engagement, has its own name: gamification.

What is in it for you?

  •  Leads your audience to conversions
  •  Engages the customer
  •  Improves brand awareness
  •  Beneficial customer insights
  •  Offers a pleasant experience
  •  The customer feels special if he/she win something
  •  Reward winners with coupons redeemable at your stores

Digital Gamification Coupon Types

Spin & Win

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Spin & Win Coupons.


Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Match2Win coupons.

Scratch & Win

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Scratch & Win Coupons.

Memory Game

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Memory Game Coupons.

Slot Machine

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our Slot Machine Coupons.

How to work with the Digital Coupon Gamification Program.

1. Create Digital Coupons

Create Digital Coupons

Start from one of the many template Coupons and completely customize it to your branding.

2. Publish Digital Coupons

Publish & Distribute Coupons

Publish your Digital Coupons within a few clicks through your favorite communication channels.

3. Validate / Redeem Coupons

Validate & Issue Point & Stamps

Carefully mark used Digital Coupons with the platform’s validation methods.

4. Analyse Campaign Data

Analyse Campaign Data

Consult your real-time campaign data and customer statistics to adjust your future digital campaigns if needed.

Actionable Real-Time Data Insight

Complete access to all your Loyalty data.

The ClearLine Mobile platform provides you a web-based dashboard to consult all your Loyalty statistics. Analyze your Digital Coupons usage, activities over different venues, and money spent value. Fine-tune your future campaigns with these unique insights.


You have access to your full customer database including all the extracted contact details of your loyal customers. You are the sole owner of this data.

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