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Grow the number of positive reviews & proactively get informed about customers’ negative experiences.

Customer Reviews Are An Integral Part Of Your Business

ClearLine Mobile offers a built-in review funnel designed to generate reviews from your opt-in subscribers and customers. Protect your reputation with a system that proactively catches unhappy customers for offline recovery. Automate your review acquisition campaigns via text message and allow your customers to post their positive reviews directly to your desired review sites and spread the good word about your business.

Asking for Reviews Delivers Higher Star Ratings.

Not All Reviews are Made Equal – So it may seem obvious that positive reviews are a good thing and negative reviews are a bad thing. Something else to consider is that having no reviews at all, can also have a negative impact on your business’s potential.

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever. When the average person is glued to his or her smartphone, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re Googling your store

Word of mouth, social proof, or in other words — popularity — has always been a key to success in business. Today that involves online reviews.

Some wireless retailers have a loT of limitations on when it comes to internet marketing or presence. They think because they serve a localized base of consumers — a portion of which is foot traffic — that what people are saying on the web is irrelevant.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Positive comments from customers or clients produce an average increase in sales of 18 percent and that consumers are likely to spend 31 percent more because of positive reviews.

Conversely, 22 percent of consumers won’t buy your product or service after reading just one negative review and four or more bad comments can take up to 70 percent of a business’s potential customers away.


Fully Customized for your Business & linked to your Yelp, Google and Facebook pages


Yelp is a very popular review site, especially for restaurants, but it’s drawn criticism for its review practices over the years. In some cases, Yelp attempts to blackmail you into paying to avoid negative reviews. It’s still one of the major review sites, so it’s worth considering. Customers may have an account already and can sign up for free in just a few seconds.


Google does require users to log in, which is a small hurdle. However, virtually everyone has a Google account already and they are probably logged in constantly. For this reason, Google My Business is probably the easiest site for your customers to leave a review on. Whenever possible, send them a direct link to your listing to make it as easy as possible.


After Yelp & Google, the next easiest place for customers to leave a review is on Facebook. As with Google, most customers will have a Facebook account and are always logged in. Similarly to Google, leaving a review on Facebook is also very easy. When you ask them for a review, make sure you send them the link to your business page on Facebook.


This may be surprising, but you need to include reviews on your website too. There are several different options for including reviews on your website, so talk with your hosting company or web developer for more details. Whichever you choose, make sure there is a visible rating, like a number of stars. You could even just ask your customers to send their review to you as an email message.

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Price for month









 up to 60 Review requests / day
up to 3 Business Locations

$ 59.99/mo

Tools to manage review funnel

Step-by-Step Instructions 

SMS Marketing Account

 Images & Pages Templates

Onetime Funnel Setup Fee $100



up to 200 Review requests / day

up to 10 Business Locations

$ 199.99/mo

All items from Starter, plus:

Sync  Yelp, Google, Facebook

Display reviews on website

Leave review on your website

SMS or MMS messaging options

Attach Coupon to Review Request

Onetime Funnel Setup Fee $250



up to 500 Review requests / day

up to 30 Business Locations

$ 499.99/mo

All items from Advanced, plus:

Email Marketing Account 

Data Feed Integration

Full funnel automation 

Assistance with funnel reports

Custom Email & SMS templates

Onetime Funnel Setup Fee $500


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Components of a Review Funnel

  • Review Generation – Use text message triggers to target your customers and generate reviews.
  • Review Marketing – Use our mobile coupons and other solutions to request reviews from your subscribers.
  • Review Management – Allow your users to post positive reviews to any of your review sites: Yelp, Google, etc…
  • Review Monitoring – Proactively catch negative reviews and direct them to your staff for prompt follow up and resolution.

Putting a Review Funnel in place streamlines the process of collecting positive online reviews for your business. If built properly, this system will guide your customers through the process, allowing your business to achieve a 5-star reputation on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp in no time.

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