Location Based Marketing


Location Based Marketing


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It’s clear that mobile presence in today’s market plays a major role in terms of advertising, promotion and interactive communications. With ClearLine, you will gain an unmatched renewal-communication source that will align with your existing systems as well as a smart marketing customer acquisition and retention process.

Visit any supermarket, mall, or walk down the street and take a look around. You will see that almost everyone, across all demographic groups, heads down and using their mobile phones; sending text messages, browsing web, checking email or in the process of online banking. US is now a mobile society with 24/7 connectivity and nationwide reach. Simply put, mobile has become a most important part of our daily personal and business lives.Having a website and product on the shelf is great, although the ability for people to communicate in real-time with your brand and customer service team from mobile device is of up-most importance and is just as important as the website and toll free number itself. Your mobile presence must combine an enjoyable user experience with the best possible representation of your brand.

Our team will ensure your mobile presence draws in your target audience and is in full compliance with current rules and regulations.

ClearLine delivers a full service solution, providing expert assistance through the many steps required to bring each of your mobile initiatives and marketing programs to a successful launch.


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Digital Coupons

Connect with your audience through digital coupons and trigger conversions.

Digital Vouchers

Accept payments through digital vouchers. Either to unlock a discount or a gift card.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Set up a digital loyalty program and turn visitors into customers.

Mobile Coupon Directory

Collect all your digital campaigns in one mobile coupon directory.

Mobile Kiosk

Interact with venue visitors and let them sent discounts to themselves.

SMS & E-Mail Marketing

Easily distribute your digital campaigns using our SMS & E-mail software tools.

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Platform omnichannel click bait thought leadership pivot. Disrupt taste makers council conversions emerging.

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