Punch Card Loyalty App FAQ’s

Punch Card Loyalty App FAQ’s


September. 08, 20

ClearLine Mobile Mobile App Loyalty Program FAQ

Punch Card Loyalty Program

Configuration in the builder

To get started, you should first enable and configure the program in the app builder. Click Extensions > Commerce > Loyalty. Here you can enable the loyalty program after which you will see the settings page.

Cashier settings

Punch card loyalty does not use any  “Program settings” so you can leave the program settings as is and skip right away to “Cashier settings.”

For the punch card loyalty program, configure cashiers for “All stores.”  Same cashiers you can use for the single card program. If you want to configure the single card loyalty program click here.  (Settings you apply to an individual store are used for multi-card. If you want to configure the multi-card instead, please click here.)

App shortcuts

Now we should some shortcuts to our app. Click the “plus” icon to add screens. Scroll to “Commerce”  > “Loyalty” and select “Punch card.” Click on the “Punch card” to reveal the card settings. Click “Edit items” and then “Add item” and fill in the details for your punch card as the title, description, image. Here you need to set the validity period of the punch card and the number of the stamps needed for the punch card to be filled.

You can create as many punch cards as you want to use with the app, depending on your business needs. In this example we will use 3 punch cards so, we changed the title to “Punch cards.”

Punch card loyalty program in the app

Now, let’s see how your single card loyalty program works in the app. Preview the app directly in the browser.

Log in to the app. Create an account if you don’t have it yet. Imagine you are a customer that has just made a purchase in some store. Let’s say you purchased $105 worth of perfumes and a store program will give you one stamp for each $50  spent. Go to “Punch cards” and select the one for the perfume shop. This card has 7 stamps and the store will give you a 30% discount on any perfume after you fill in all 7. Hand it to the cashier and show them your bill.



The cashier will then stamp your card with 2 stamps since this is what you earned. Now your punch card has 2 stamps and you need 5 more to receive the discount.



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